The blanket of self doubt had wrapped itself around me when I wrote this song. I sensed a descending darkness in my world. I was entering into that horrible place in which people go to lose their hopes and dreams. I couldn’t explain it really but the circumstances of my life had made it seem that everything I had always wanted was going to be impossible. I couldn’t express it to it’s full extent. I couldn’t talk about it. This song was the best thing I could do to get it all out of my system. I packaged it up into the neatness of a song and let it stand there like a dark and mysterious cloud that would always make people go, “hmmm…”

I haven’t always believed what I’m about to tell you. Maybe I just haven’t always been aware that I believe what I’m about to tell you. But I think that what I’m about to tell you is true. I think it has to be true. The thing is this: There’s always hope. In the deepest grim there is hope. It doesn’t feel like it when you’re there but even then, hope is there. Heavens highest hopes are those really far-fetched hopes that hang on by the thinnest, smallest, most invisible threads. They are so impossibly far fetched that they can’t possibly ever come true. But there they are and there they remain. Sometimes those stupid, far fetched hopes are the only things that keep you doing what you’re doing. Sometimes Heavens Highest Hopes are all that you have. But at least you’ve got them.


It’s alright if you get down; You can always come around. We’ll get nowhere with this game, but we’ll play it just the same.

Oh it’s heaven’s highest hopes that keep me in; keep me stable; feet on the floor. Some nights I feel the world might do me in. But I’m able; with these hopes I’ll soar.

On the wild road again. Hear the whispers in the wind. Across the field, around the way, can you hear them say my name?


Oh I’m angry and I’m sad. My neck got broken looking back. I’m jealous and I’m mad. Have we finished with the past? Have I missed it? Have I missed the mark completely?


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