Rehearsal Time


Between paying the bills and taking care of my sweet baby girl there’s often little time for rehearsal. Chris is a full time sound engineer and plays in several bands. Jason is a full time bassist for several bands. Between the three of us there’s usually about 2 hours a month when we are all available to practice. But I believe that “what you do becomes you” so several phone calls and texts and e-mails later we managed to get together on Sunday afternoon. I guess Gus is just going to have to get used to being a part of the equipment I take to practices from now on. Don’t worry….she seemed to like the music and Chris’s guinea pigs and she got to watch Kipper when we got home. She’s happy and now that we’ve worked out some of the kinks I’m feeling good about our upcoming show at The National Underground here in Nashville.

When I dreamed of being a musician I didn’t picture stopping a practice to change a diaper but I guess you do what you gotta do. I hope some day she’ll get to travel across the country and perhaps to other countries with me. I hope that pursuing my dreams will teach her that she can too.

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