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A friend told me, after reading my last blog post, that I seemed more proud of the sadness and loneliness I was experiencing than I had been over the ended relationship that was causing it. Maybe sad songs are just easier to write because they feel more real. It’s hard to write happy things and seem genuine. Not because I don’t experience real feelings of happiness, but because it just seems like happy ideas are too prosaic or transient or to be real. Something like that…

Another friend of mine recently wrote to me, “Most of your problems in life come from either thinking without acting or from acting without thinking.” It reminded me that balance is important. Considering the incredible ache of my previous post and the comments of people important to me I considered that perhaps things were out of whack.

I’ve always liked sad songs. Sad songs make me happy! Writing just about anything makes me happy, whether it’s a slow ballad or a poppy, pop song. But then I also like the songs of Collective Soul, most of which can hardly be argued to be sad. They are just well produced pop-rock songs. They don’t mean much of anything but the guitars are loud and the drums are loud and everything is polished and pretty. Pop-rock make me happy. I don’t care if it’s lame or uncool.

A great playlist actually has a good mix of both probably. As much I love listening to slow, acoustic, soulful tunes, even I need a break from it after a while. As much as I love a face melting guitar solo, too many of them in a row start to sound like nails on a chalkboard.

So, in an effort to find some balance, I scratched the lyrics from this old  break up song that wasn’t going anywhere (it was written for a class and wasn’t about anyone in particular, which is probably why it wasn’t great), upped the tempo about 20 bpm and wrote about sunshine instead. It’s not particularly deep or original but I happen to love sunshine. Sunshine makes me happy!!

Anyway…here’s a slightly happier song about nothing to tip the scales back towards normal.
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