Tip for Tat

Ok so I saw a post on Facebook by some guy who thinks he’s all smart because he doesn’t tip waiters. I’ve posted it below. I couldn’t resist leaving a comment: which I’ve also posted below.

Here’s the post: http://www.bhagwad.com/blog/2009/philosophy/5-reasons-why-i-wont-tip-you-if-youre-a-waiter.html/

And here’s my response:

1. Bullcrap. If you only want food, stay home and eat. People eat in restaurants for the experience as much as the food. I get that some servers can come on a little strong. Yes, some of them only act nice because they are working for tips. Accept it and move on. This is a fact of American life. Servers aren’t that much different from anyone you ever bought anything from. Cut them a break. Bottom Line: Most people like knowing their servers name. Most people like meeting friendly people (even if they aren’t totally sincere). Remember that people pick up the vibe that you put out and what you put out is that you think your server, “is the equivalent of a conveyer belt.” You know what…do the restaurant a favor (that’s a word you seem to like) and stay home. In fact, do the world a favor and never leave the house. Seems like you don’t like people too much anyway…you won’t miss much. Except occasionally you might long for the good old days when you could sit on your ass and have some person ask you what you want and bring you Italian food…or Chinese.
2. Bullcrap. This is your problem. If restaurants paid their servers well you wouldn’t be able to afford to eat out. Also they’d hire a lot less servers and you’d get crappy service and wouldn’t really want to eat out anyway. Those Italian meatballs wouldn’t be worth the 45 minute wait just to order them. At least this way you can choose to pay the waiter whatever you think they deserve. Thank God not everyone thinks like you!
3. This is a valid point. But you should know that, generally speaking, servers don’t know who is going to tip them and who isn’t going to tip them. They only spit in the food of people who are jerks. A jerk is someone who treats another person like a conveyor belt.
4. This is just a guess but I don’t think you’ve ever worked in a restaurant. Restaurant workers, usually are highly skilled in communication, quick decision making, customer relations, problem solving and, weirdly, managing other people’s money. Have you ever cashed out a party of 15 when they all want separate checks and they’re in a hurry, while you’ve got two tables waiting to order food and two more with food coming out? Well most servers have and believe me, it’s a skill.
5. I’ve been a server. I have a lot of friends who are servers. I think that I can speak for all of us when I say that we really don’t need your tip and we really don’t care if you do or don’t. We know that we’ll be o.k. because we’ve been on the other side of the table and we know what it takes to stick it out there and we know that if we can do that then we can do pretty much anything. And most of us do go on to do other things. Some people stick around because they like it. Go ask your successful friends how many of them had a job serving tables and then ask them what valuable life lessons they learned while doing it. I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised.
6. Lastly. No matter what your job is…the world is about the people living in it. Maybe servers should shut up when they don’t get a tip and maybe they shouldn’t perpetuate the, mostly, myth about spitting in peoples food. But maybe customers should remember that the person bringing them food isn’t a conveyor belt and treat them with the same respect you’d give…well, a person. Keep your money. It won’t make you happy. A server might though.Share on Facebook

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