Hard As Hell – Tim Pepper

Sometimes I worry about how my daughter will handle life when it gets hard. She’s young now but I keep imagining her on her first day of school or at her first job interview or at that moment when her heart gets broken for the first time. I remember some of those moments in my life and I remember how those moments felt and I feel it all over again, and then some, when I think about her feeling those same awful feelings. I want to be able to move her past and over and around all of the bad stuff in life but I know that I can’t. All I can do is prepare her and love her and wait for those moments to show up in her life and hope that she knows she’ll get past them.

Hard As Hell – by Tim Pepper

Baby girl, here’s the world; feel it pressing in.
It will bite. You will fight. It will knock your chin.
It will take. You will break. But your heart will mend.
Every day you rise again;
Never let it keep you in.
Even when it’s hard as hell.

You will grow. You will go. Go and find your way.
Find your soul. Reach your goal, Baby come what may.
Guard your heart from the dark. Find a love who stays.
Don’t live life too fast;
Live every day like it’s your last.
Even when it’s hard as hell.

You can do everything you dream.
Life is hard but you,
Baby you will see;
You’ve got everything,
Everything you need.

It’s your move. Go and prove what is in your heart.
If I could choose, I would lose to advance your start.
But it’s true all I can do is just a small part.
But every day you rise you’ll know;
My love is wrapped around your soul.
Even when it’s hard as hell.

“Hard As Hell” is available as a free download on the EP, “Hotel”. Find it here.


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