I’m Alright…

Nothing happens to you. That’s not exactly completely true because there are things…maybe lots of things..that are out of our control. But when you feel like you are doing a bunch of stuff with your life that you don’t want to be doing then you have to realize that you are deciding to do at least a lot of it.

There’s a great scene in Mad Men where Don Draper says to Peggy, “You’re good. Get better. Stop asking for things.” He says it all deadpan as is his way. It’s not often that I hear anything in a movie or on t.v. that I can take seriously. Entertainment is almost never like real life. Real conversations don’t sound like scripted ones. People hardly ever say the right thing at the right time if ever. Real scenarios never play out neatly or timeously like they do on t.v. So most of what I hear from that world I take with a grain of salt and I think that is probably as it should be.

But that quote has something of the real world in it. It smacks of wisdom. I think there are times when you most certainly have to ask for something. Sometimes you have to make your wishes or demands known. But a lot of the time we would do better to just believe in ourselves and accept the responsibility of getting better.

Asking for things is like some sort of expectation and I think it is the expectations that really get us into trouble. Life isn’t like t.v. and it also isn’t prone to meeting expectations. The sooner you rid yourself of those the sooner you can get on with getting better.

In 2008 I was playing music in pubs¬† three nights a week. I was playing festivals and open mics and pretty much anywhere I could. I was broke most of the time. I didn’t have a job really. I’d moved out of my old world and into a new one and I’d left a lot of my old life and associations behind. I was frustrated at my financial situation and I can’t even say that I was happy despite the fact that I was kind of living my dream. But I do know that I felt very much alive during that time. Very much alive…. I had no appreciation for just how completely amazing my situation was then and that’s part of the reason I wasn’t happy. My expectations were getting in the way. But in spite of all that I knew I didn’t want to choose anything else. I wasn’t doing fabulously but I was alright.Share on Facebook