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“The 904” by Tim Pepper
Video by GemsonVHS

The 904

The woman woke up and walked to the road. She caught the 904. Sunday Driver was always the same. She liked the suit he wore. She was riding nowhere. She didn’t know his name. She was headed East but her desination changed; The minute that she saw him she promised she would stay. The minute that she saw him she knew that she would make her way into his lonely heart.

And the bus rolls on into forever at the break of dawn.
Two hearts beat strong; Thumping out a lonely song.
His beats in time, matching her rhyme.
Hers hums a song and his sings along.
Together but alone.
On the 904.

Sunday driver worked every weekend. He had his bills to pay. Every Sunday he’d ask for her name but only in his brain. He was driving nowhere. He knew the streets by name. The people all had faces but the faces always changed. The minute that he saw her her face became engraved. The minute that he saw her he knew that she had made her way into his lonely heart.

She keeps her eyes on the floor. He keeps his eyes on the door. So together they ride. They will always collide
On the 904

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