The Right Pants

The National Underground Jan 2012

January 19th was a chilly Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee. An hour and a half before I was due to arrive at the National Underground to load in found me sitting at my computer in my underwear trying to attach a new button to my favorite pair of jeans. I’d made sure I got to work a little early that morning so that I could leave in time to get ready for the show. My gear was packed and ready to go but I still needed my favorite jeans fixed or I was going to be a little pissed before the night even began. I’d stopped at Walmart on my way home from work and found some buttons that would do the job but I still had to figure out how to get one sewn on well enough to keep my pants on throughout the night. Two buttons and some fishing line did the trick. I finished the job with just enough time to get dressed and hit the road.

I got to the show on time and there were no embarrassing pants moments. So here’s a few pics and a video to show you how the night went…

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