Working on a Dream


A dream is the work of a lifetime. Whether you meet with success or failure, and it’s likely you will meet with both along the way, it isn’t something you win or lose. That vision of victory that keeps you going through the hard times, though completely and utterly necessary, is ultimately not the most important outcome of your dream. There will be many wins and many losses but it would be a mistake to value the wins above the losses or to keep accounts of them as if the only importance of dreaming were to gain more wins than losses. In winning there is value to be sure: The feeling of attainment and satisfaction is a milestone that warms the heart and strengthens the dreamer for more battles yet to come. The wins are the placards and trophies we display on the mantles of our lives. But in loss there is wisdom and transformation and these make the dreamer something better than they were at the start. To engage in the dream is to engage in a transformative journey. The snapshots taken along the way will, in the end, be treasured and much more highly regarded than any trophies won.

The dream is not really about creating your David. The dream is about becoming the David that you are meant to be. That vision of victory is the prize for which we strive and would we ever endure the rigors of the journey without the promise, or at least the hope, of that prize? The victorious moments are truly important then. But when good fortune smiles on someone else and leaves you in the dark, or when hope and faith have become difficult to sustain, or when the journey has exhausted you beyond what you believe you can manage, or when you have to cast your mind too far in the distant past to remember any victories or good times, steel yourself with the knowledge that there is value in the difficulty too. If you accept the wisdom that is present in the difficulty rather than fight against it then you will begin to transform yourself into what you need to be in order to find that victorious place once again. How will you ever be the David that you are meant to be without the bite of the chisel or the thud of the hammer?

In the darkest hours remember that you cannot control everything in life. All you can really do with life is to live it. But while you live it, if that passion in your heart means anything at all to you then hold onto your dream. The sun will set and the sun will rise and while you live your life take the actions and make the decisions that enable your dream. It’s not for nothing that that flame burns deep within your heart and soul. It’s not for nothing that that vision dances in your mind. You were born to feed that fire. You were born to attain that vision. What’s more that fire and that vision were born to transform you into the very thing you are meant to be. Your job then, all your life long, no matter what that life brings, is to protect that fire against the dark nights and against the wind and the rain. Your job is to keep that vision alive even when life fills your mind with doubts and when circumstances make that vision seem like a fairy-tale. Feed your fire and it will warm you even through the darkest parts of your journey and when the moment finally arrives at which that vision is no more a vision but is your actual reality then your fire will burn with the hottest blaze and will be impossible to ignore. At that moment the fire that you spent your life protecting will be big enough to not only warm you but also your family and maybe your village and maybe the world.

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